FHS has contributed to the drafting of Guidelines to be used to select operators who are specialized in the management of housing services to support social housing projects, and has collaborated towards getting recognition for the interventions of excellence that have been realized in Italy and in Europe, through the use of ethical real-estate funds and other financial instruments.
This research, which was carried out on behalf of Eupolis Lombardia, is part of a much wider project dedicated to the analysis of social housing interventions that was submitted to Regione Lombardia.


FHS is part of the Scientific Committee and is one of the promoters of the UrbanPromo initiative, an international event whose purpose is to develop the culture of the urban planning, economic, social and environmental feasibility of the projects, improving the quality of the processes of planning, design and management. The initiative takes place every year offering two extraordinary meetings, with a program of conferences that is distinguished by its high technical and scientific profile. An example of this is UrbanPromo Social Housing: a specialized international conference in which a systematic vision of social living is being constructed.


The Agenzia Sociale per la Locazione Milano (Social Agency for Rental, Milan) is a project that is run by the non-profit entity Fondazione Welfare Ambrosiano, and which arose from a co-planning with Milan Municipality with the aim of increasing the number of dwellings at affordable rents. The main purpose was/is to propose the affordable rent as a new intervention instrument that provides a fair and cost-effective way of mitigating housing distress for both landlords and tenants. The Agency aims to encourage the matching of landlords and tenants who are interested in signing an affordable rent contract through financial incentives that can even offer some form of protection in cases of future inculpable arrears.